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Another early-to-bed, early-to-rise. Feeling just a tad grotty with a minor sore throat. Recent events include standing in a queue for 50 minutes and getting a too expensive ticket for a bad seat (no. 1 in the row) in a cinema with bad acoustics to see Dame Kiri te Kanawa. Yay! It’s in November, too. Best not lose the ticket.

Monday had the EGMs of the two banks, agreeing to merge, and then the GM of the new merged bank. And yesterday the Financial Supervisory Authority rubber stamped it, so now I work for Kaupthing-Bunadarbanki. Some moving of people between the 2 headquarters started yesterday, but most will be tonight and tomorrow (Ascencion Day, a holiday here). I’ll move about 3 metres to a different seat on the other side of the desk (yes, the move makes sense). November 1st is supposed to be the day we move to new headquarters. The cocktail after all those General Meetings was held there, in unfinished and raw surroundings. Will be good when that happens

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