Posted March 7th, 2003. Filed under Uncategorized

Back to normal! My hair is now dark again. The blonde thing was an interesing experiment, but not to be repeated… As an added bonus, I stopped by a bookshop afterwards and got Peter Hamilton’s A Quantum Murder which I read some years ago at the library and subsequently bought the other two books of the Greg Mandel trilogy. So maybe some think I shouldn’t buy it, having already read it, but there’s something so pathetic about having two books of a trilogy on my shelves. I also got Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Years of Rice and Salt which is finally out in paperback. So an enjoyable weekend of sorts is ahead. Of sorts since I’m currently battling a sore throat, which made me have to go home early yesterday and miss the morning off work. And if you’ve reached this far and are wondering why this is in English, well, I decided that this blog thing was something I’d keep on doing so I’m telling my international friends about it.

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